From December, 1975 through June, 2010, I was employed as an art instructor with the Hackensack Public School System. Loving my job as teacher and mentor, I spent thrity-five years focusing much of my energy inspiring young artists ages five to eighteen. It was an amazing journey. Afterwards, I spent another two semesters at the P.I. Art Center in Fort Lee, NJ working with International students and adults.

Since retirement, I have decided to continue my journey with a shift, which allows me more time to focus on integrating my studio time, gallery shows and private teaching. I was formerly represented by Agora Gallery in NYC.


Being creative can seem daunting in a world that values logic over imagination, practicality over dreaming.  In my work I love to experiment and play, to mix it all up. “Play is not the antithesis of something that is important!  To have playful thinking requires a sense of lightness and fluidity.”
Since most of my current work is mixed media, I usually start my work through drawing and mark-making, but ultimately add paint, collage, and any unusual, non-traditional materials that I am drawn to at the moment of creation.  This is usually followed by a ripping, tearing, scratching, pouring, splattering, deconstructive frenzy.  Eventually, I become immersed in the piece and begin building it back up with layers of texture.  I enjoy watching one medium spontaneously react to another.  Choosing between chaos and control as my hand hovers over a canvas is an exciting place to be.  Recently, I have allowed my work to rest here, completed, in a genre I call, “Organic Series”.  For me, they are truly Spiritual.
Should subject matter begin to surface, it is 99.9% figurative.   At this point in time, the majority of my portfolio consists of “Figurative Works”.  Interpreting and manipulating the human form is what excites me and fuels my spirit to create.  I love to juxtapose unrelated images that I invite to work together through theme, color, placement and composition.  Because these images that inspire me come from very different sources and experiences, I like to call this process of combining them, “Recycled Consciousness.”  Never losing sight of the initial pencil marks, which are important to me, I often strive to have some remain in the finished piece.  Like doodles in a sketchbook, they evoke the same spontaneous quality that I enjoy.  Since I have always loved the feeling and emotion of Edward Hopper’s paintings; the random slices of time, frozen and isolated, my work subconsciously takes on that trait. 

I love the journey my art takes me on.  Regardless of subject matter or not, I love to present works with open-ended narratives.  This allows the viewers to establish their own relationships and to create their own dialogue based on the information that I provide for them.

Please enjoy them.

Joe LaMattina
Artist @joelamattina.com


Hackensack, NJ, February 25, 1953

Selected Exhibitions:

*  Invited Exhibition:  "The Happiness of Color", The Byrne Gallery,

Middleburg, VA, March 1 - March 31, 2024

*  Juried Exhibit: "The Color of Skin", a virtual show sponsored by Inside Small.com, February 26 - April 26, 2024

*  Juried Exhibition: "Abstract Expressions 2023", sponsored by Blue Oaks Arts/ Red Bluff ART Gallery and online, CA, October 2023

*  Invited Exhibition: "Three's Company",  a three~person show @ HACPAC Gallery, NJ, October-November, 2023

* Juried Exhibition:  "CANCER:  Never Give Up~ 2023", international smart online group exhibition and publication, Biafarin Artist Management, October 2023 and beyond.

*  Juried Exhibition: "Hackensack Meridian Art Show Fundraiser"

   Raritan Bay Medical Center, Perth Amboy, NJ, September 14-30, 2023

*  Juried Exhibition: "HOME: Security/ Insecurity", Nails in the Wall Gallery, Metuchen, NJ, September- November 2023

*  Juried Exhibition: "State of the Art 2023", sponsored by SMI/ Studion Montclair, Montclair, NJ, June-August '23

*  Invitional, Juried Exhibition: "Be Proud.  Be True.  Be You!" Sponsored by Novartis, NJ, June 2023

*  Juried Exhibition: "Our Best Snowy Landscapes", Sponsored by Singulart, Paris, France, April 2023

*  Juried and selected image for PFLAG Rockland's "Rainbows are for Everyone" Coloring Book in celebration of Pride Month, June 2023

*  Juried Exhibition: "Paradise Pink" HMVC Gallery, NYC,

   February 1-28, 2023

*  Juried Exhibition: "Emerging", @ The Nails in the Wall Gallery,       Metuchen,   NJ, February- May 2023

*  Juried Exhibition: "LOVE", @ The Watchung Arts Center, Watchung, NJ, January- February  2023  

*  Juried / Virtual Exhibition:  "Objects of Agency", @ HERA Gallery,

    Rhode Island, USA, January thru December 2023

*. Juried Exhibit @ The ROCKLAND ARTS FESTIVAL, NY,

    January-February, 2023

*  The Bluefield Artists present: "A Winter Exhibition" @ The Corner Frame Shop, Nyack, NY,  December 2022

*  Juried Exhibit: "Affair of the Art, 2022" an online and in-person auction @ The Women's Club of Glen Ridge, NJ, supporting SMI, November 2022

*  Juried and Selected: " Head in the Clouds", www.Singulart.com, Paris, France, September/ October 2022

*  Juried Exhibition, "Utopian and Dystopian Cityscapes", online via Singulart.com, Paris, France, September-October 2022

* .Juried Exhibition,"Kindness: Unexpected, Unusual, Unfailing", @ Nails in the Wall Gallery, Metuchen, NJ, September 17- December 16, 2022

*  State of the Arts 2022" Leach Gallery Opening, Montclair, NJ,  July/August 2022

* Fundraiser Event, "Future Dreams" sponsored by PFLAG Rockland, NY (ACO. August 2022

*. Juried Exhibition: "Come As You Are", hosted by (CAWCT), The Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut, July 2022

* Juried and Selected: An exclusibe PRIDE Collection, "Colors of the Rainbow~ 2022", Singulart.com, Paris, France, June 2022

* Juried Show: "Tell Me More About Youreself (Self-Portraits and other Autobiographical Endeavors)", Gallery Aferro, Newark, NJ, June-August 2022

* Juried Show, "GOLDEN: 50 and OVER, 2022", Las Lagunas Art Gallery, CA, June/ July 2022

* Juried Show, "PRIDE" @ art629 Gallery, Asbury Park, NJ June 2022

*  Juried Show, "LGBTQ: SAY IT!", a PRIDE Exhibition @ Atelier Rosal, Rahway, NJ, June 2022

*  Invitational, Solo Show "Squiggles, Globules, and other Urban Marks", @ The Johnson Public Library, Hackensack, NJ, coinciding with The Bergen County ARTS Amble, May/ June 2022

*  Invitational Exhibition, ACOR's Hidden Treasure Gallery @ The Palisades Center, Nyack, NY, April/ May 2022

* Juried Exhibition: "Black and White to Magnificent Color", in collaboration with The Watchung Arts Center and Pro Arts Jersey City, Watchung, Nj, March 13-  

April 9, 2022

*. Juried Exhibition,"Human Figures and Faces 2022". @ #LasLagunaArtGallery, CA,

January 2022

* Juried Exhibition, "CANCER~ Never Give Up 2021", International Exhibition and Publication, Gallerium Art, Nov.-Dec. 2021

* juried Exhibition, "Global Garden", hosted by The Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut, November 2021

*  Juried Exhibition: "Children 2021" International Exhibition and Publication, Gallerium Art, October-November 2021

*  Juried Exhibition, "Absolute Abstraction", Studio Montclair Gallery, Montclair, NJ, October 29th/ November 30th 2021

*  Juried Exhibition, "Dough", HERA Gallery, Wakefield, RI,

October/ November 2021

*  "DARK", a show by The Bluefield Artists, @ The Corner Frame Shop Gallery, Nyack, NY, October 2021

*  Juried Exhibition, "Emptiness", produced by ARTSmart Exhibitions @ Exhibizones, September 2021

*  "Fractured", a two-person exhibition with Lisa D'Amico @ The Nyack Library, Nyack, NY, September 2021

*  Juried Exhibition, "JOY (this is just what I needed)", Edward A. Dixon Gallery, Dayton, Ohio, August 2021

*  Juried Exhibition, "HOME", art629 Gallery, Asbury Park, NJ, July-September 2021

*  Juried Exhibition, "State of the Art 2021", (SMI) Studio Montclair, Montclair, NJ,  June 2021

*  Juried Exhibition, "LGBTQ+ Art of Inclusion Art Exhibit", sponsored by JSDD/WAE Center. West Orange, NJ, June-August 2021

*  Juried Exhibition, "ConTEXT", sponsored by ART FLUENT, LA, CA May 2021

*  Juried Exhibition, "That's Effin' Funny", hosted by Shoebox Projects and Shoebox Arts, LA, CA, May 2021

*  Permanent Exhibition, three paintings, Summit Medical Group, Montclair, NJ

*  Juried Exhibit, "Take Flight" a virtual show via Inside Small  Art from May - July 2021

*  A Bluefield Artist Virtual Show @ The Piermont Library, Piermont, NY, May/June 2021

*  Juried Virtual Exhibition: "Return to Love", Galerie Westerhoff, Metuchen Arts Council & Earth Studio, Metuchen, NJ, March/April 2021

*  Solo Show, RWJ Hospital, Cancer Center, Hamilton, NJ,  January 2021

*  The 56th Annual Bergen County Art in the Park Show.  This year it is a Virtual Show. December 2020

* Juried and Selected as "Artist-in-Residence 2021" @ The Oyster Point Hotel, Red Bank, NJ,  Solo Show ~ February 2021

*  Juried Exhibition, "Motion in Art", Online thru Singulart.com, October-November 2020

*  A Bluefield Artists' show: "Solitary Souls", Stable Gallery, Ridgewood, NJ, September 29 through October 2020

*Juried Exhibition:  "Pride In Bloom" , supporting PFLAG of Rockland County, NY, September/ October 2020

* A Bluefield Artists' show: "WET", Virtually presented online due to Covid 19, September 2020.

*  Juried Exhibition: "2020 Art and Healing", West Windsor Arts Center, NJ, (partially online/covid), August through October 2020

*  Juried Exhibit: Highlighted Artist, Absynthe Gallery (online/covid), August 2020

* Juried Exhibition: "The Colors of Morocco", Online thru www.Singulart.com, July 2020

*  A Juried Show, "State of the Art 2020", Studio Montclair, NJ,  July - August 2020

* A Bluefield Artists' show, "Solitary Souls", virtually presented online due to Covid 19, June-December 2020

*  Juried Exhibit: " New York State of Mind" covid/virtual Exhibition, June/ July 2020

*  Juried Exhibit: "Women's Voices", @ Transformations Gallery, Metuchen, NJ, Summer thru December  2020

*  Juried Show: "5th Annual Heroin and Opioid Art Exhibition, Newark NJ, Postponed/ Covid 19, September 16th, 2020

* Juried Exhibit: "Abstraction", @ Site, a Brooklyn Gallery, NY, May/June 2020

*  Juried Exhibit: "Heliotrope: Turning Towards the Light", Artfront Galleries, Newark, NJ, April 24th- May 8th, 2020, Postponed/ Covid 19

* Juried Exhibition: "Viewpoints 2020", Studio Montclair, Montclair, NJ, April / May 2020 Postponed/ Covid 19

* Juried Show and digital accompaniment to the show,

 "S/he Persisted", See/Me Gallery, NYC, Spring 2020

* Juried Show: "The Place Called Home", Studio Montclair, Montclair, NJ, March 6th- April 10th, 2020

* Solo Show: "Spectrum", @ The Hackensack Brewing Co., Hackensack, NJ, April 1-May 1, 2020 Postponed /Covid 19

* Solo Show:  "Color Cures" @ Hidden Treasure Gallery, Rockland County Courthouse, New City, NY, November 12, 2019- January 2020

 *  Juried Exhibition:  "Every Ghetto Every City", BSB Gallery, Trenton, NJ, December 2019 through January 4th, 2020

*  Juried Exhibition: "PETOPIA", Monmouth Museum, Lincroft, NJ, November 24, 2019-

January 5, 2020

*  (ACOR), Arts Council of Rockland Members' Show 2019, Hidden Treasure Galleries, Garnerville, NY, November 2019 - January 2020

*  Juried Exhibition: " Affair of the Art", sponsored by SMI, event held at the new MC Hotel, Montclair, NJ, November 16, 2019

*  Juried Exhibition: "Heart and Soul: JCAST 2019", The Barrow Mansion, Jersey City, NJ, October 2019

* Juried Exhibition: "Expressions of Hope", Montville, NJ, October 2019

* Invitational Exhibition: Rotunda Gallery, Jersey City, NJ, September 2019

* Juried Show: "Walk in Our Shoes", A fundraiser for PFLAG, Outside-In Gallery, Piermont, NY, September 2019, (Donation)

* Juried Exhibit, "State of the Art 2019", Studio Montclair, Montclair, NJ, June-Augst 2019

*  Selected Artist" "Language Project", Metuchen Downtown Alliance, Metuchen, NJ, June-October 2019, Adirondack Chair Design 

*  Juried Show: "Heroin & Opioid Art Exhibition" , The Gateway Project Spaces, Newark, NJ, April/May, 2019
* Invitational Exhibition: "Three Artists/Three Perspectives" Show: HACPAC, Hackensack, NJ, June-July 2019
*  Invitational Exhibition: "Outside, Looking In" Transformations Gallery, Metuchen, NJ, June-October, 2019
*  Juried Show: "New Horizons Art Exhibit/The Bluefield Artists, Greenwich Botanical Center Gallery, Cos Cob, CT, April 2019
*  Juried Show: "Black History Celebrations" celebrated at The Cultural Arts Center, Rotunda Gallery,  Jersey City, NJ, February 2019
* Mixed Media Art Group Exhibition, Nanuet Library, Nanuet, NY, January/ February 2019
* Selected art work to appear in the opera: "Gorky's Dream Garden", based on the life of artist, Arshile Gorky. Opening at Lincoln Center, NYC January 2019
* Juried Show: "350th Anniversary Celebration" Woodbridge Public Library, Woodbridge, NJ  December 2018
* Invitational Exhibition: "Small Works", Atelier Rosal Gallery, Rahway, NJ, November/ December 2018
* "TOGETHER", a 2 Person Show, Nyack Library, Nyack, NY, November 2018 
*Juried Exhibition: "Inside Small", The Outside In Gallery, Piermont NY, November/December 2018
*  Juried Exhibit: "The Inaugural Exhibition", the new Studio Montclair @ KW, Montclair, NJ, September 2018
*Juried Exhibition: "Doors",Transformations Gallery, Metuchen, NJ, September-December 2018
* Juried Exhibition: "Animals Wild & Winsome", Nails in the Wall Gallery, a Ministry of St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Metuchen, NJ, September-December, 2018
* Juried Artist:  Artist of the Month, August 2018, CF Alliance
* Juried Show, "The Earth Speaks", The Barron Arts Center, Woodbridge, NJ, August 4th-26th 2018
* Juried Show: "Quintet", The Corner Frame Shop, Nyack, NY, August, 2018
* Juried Shw: "Layers of Abstraction", Atelier Rosal Gallery, Rahway, NJ June-August 2018
* Juried Show: "Linkage: 2 Degrees of Separation", HACPAC, Hackensack, NJ, June/July 2018, Curator & Artist
*Solo Show: "Summer Art Series", Morris County Library, Whippany, NJ, June/July 2018
* Juried Exhibit: :Tattooed", Atelier Rosal Gallery, Rahway, NJ, April-June 2018
* "Denim", a show by The Bluefield Artists, Volition Gallery, Orangeburg, NY, April 2018
*Juried Exhibit:  "State of the Art 2018", Academy Square Galleries, Montclair, NJ, February/April 2018
*Juried Show: "Punk Rock and Politics" Lake Como, NJ, December 2017
* Juried Show: "Celebrate", 20th Anniversary Celebration", moves to the opening of Studio Montclair, Inc Gallery,  Dec.' 17-Jan. '18
*Juried Exhibit: "Surrender To Small", Volition Gallery, Bel-ans Center of Creative arts, Orangeburg, NY, November 12, 2017-January 5, 2018
* The Bergen County 53rd Annual Art in The Park, Van Saun Park, Paramus, NJ, October 14, 2017
*Juried Exhibit: "Celebrate", SMI Studo Montclair 20th Anniversary Celebration, Montclair, NJ Public Library Gallery, November 2-29th, 2017
* Juried Exhibit: "Paint Your Pain", Healing Arts and The Pain Management Center at Atlantic Neuroscience Institute, Bouras Art Gallery, Overlook Medical Center, Summit, NJ, October '17 - January '18, 1ST Place
*Solo Show, "Side By Side", Atrium Gallery, 4th Floor, Morristown NJ, September 22, 2017 - January 7, 2018
* Juried Show: "Warrior Women", The Gallery at The Hive, Chester, NJ, September 2017
*"15th" Annual Bergen County Juried Senior Show": Art Center of Northern NJ, New Milford, NJ July/August, 2017 ( 2nd Place/Painting)
* "Unnatural Election" moves to Puffin Cultural Forum, Teaneck, NJ September- November 2017
•"Unnatural Election" moves to CUNY, NYC, Fall 2017
*"Unnatural Election" moves to Green Bee Studios, Anchorage, Alaska, June 2017
*Juried Show: “Unnatural Election": Artists Respond to the 2016 US Presidential Election.  Kimmel Galleries, NYC, January – February 2017
•Juried Exhibit: “State of the Art 2017”, SMI Galleries@ Academy Square, Montclair, NJ, February~ April 2017
•Solo Show, “Abstract Organics”, Lena DiGangi Gallery, Totowa, NJ thru December 2016 through January 2017
•“Postcards from the Edge”, benefitting Visual AIDS, exhibition and auction at Metro Pictures, NYC, January 13-15, 2017 
•Solo Show:  “Yale Alumni”, Paterson, NJ, December 2016
•Juried Exhibit: “Nature” Sponsored by Zufall Art and Health Program, Dover, NJ, November- December 2016
•Solo Show, Hanover Township Town Hall, Whippany, NJ, November through December, 2016
•“Restoration”, Bluefield Artists Group Show, Volition Gallery, Orangeburg, NY, October 2016
•The Bergen County 52nd Annual Art In The Park, Van Saun Park, Paramus, NJ, October 15, 2016
•Juried Exhibit: “Art VOTES: Visualizing the Democratic Process”, Gallery Bergen, Bergen Community College, Paramus, NJ, Sept.- Nov., 2016
•14th Annual Bergen County Juried Senior Show, ACNNJ, New Milford, NJ, July/August 2106
•Juried Exhibit: “Summertime” Sponsored by Zufall Art and Health Program, Dover, NJ, June~ September 2016
•Juried Exhibit:  “Rockland Center for the Arts, Benefitting VCS Gay Pride
•Rockland”, West Nyack, NY, June 2016
•Juried Exhibit: CAT Walk Art Exhibition, Hackensack, NJ, June 2016
•Potluck Slideshow, Woodstock Artists Association & Museum (WAAM), Woodstock, NY, May 2016
•“Wildflowers” of Princeton Junction, NJ  “Flowers”, solo show, April / June 2016
•Juried Exhibit: “15th Biennial Fire Island Pines Art Show”, FIP, NY, August 2015
•Juried Exhibit: “2015 Summer Exhibition”  Torche’ Galerie, Belmar, NJ July / September 2015
•“13th Annual Bergen County Juried Senior Show”: Art Center of Northern NJ, New Milford, NJ July/ August 2015
•Juried Exhibit: “Rockland Center for the Arts, Benefitting VCS Gay Pride Rockland”, West Nyack, NY, June 2015
•Lundbeck Research USA, Inc., Paramus, NJ, solo exhibit, June 2015
•Juried Exhibit: “2015 Winter Show”  Torche’ Galerie, Belmar, NJ,
•January/ February 2015
•“Holiday Small Works ’14”, Art Center of Northern NJ, New Milford, NJ,         December 2014
•“Series”, Lena Di Gangi Gallery, Totowa, NJ, September 2014
•Juried Exhibit: “2014 Summer Exhibition” Torche’ Galerie, Belmar, NJ, July / August 2014
•Juried Exhibit: “Samesex”, City Lights Gallery, CT, June 2014
•Juried Exhibit: “Rockland Center for the Arts, Benefitting VCS Gay Pride Rockland”, West Nyack, NY, June 2014
•Juried Exhibit, “Holiday Salon Show”, Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn NY, December 2013
•Juried Exhibit: “Round Hole-Square Peg” Queer Identity in the New Millinnieum~ Smart Clothes Gallery, NYC, August 2013
•Juried Exhibit: “14th Biennial Fire Island Pines Art Show”, FIP, NY, August 2013
•Juried Exhibit: “Rockland Center for the Arts, Benefitting VCS Gay Pride Rockland”, West Nyack, NY, June 2013
•“Statements from my Soul”, Lena DiGangi Gallery, Totowa, NJ,
•solo exhibit, December 2012 / January 2013
•www.ProjeKt30.com> Juried into the “November 2012” show
•www.ProjeKt30.com> Juried into the “FEAR Vl” show, October 2012
•“The Resurrection Show”, GAGA Arts Center, Garnersville, NY, 
•October 2012
•www.Projekt30.com> Juried into the “October 2012” show
•“Awakenings”, Lena Di Gangi Gallery, Totowa, NJ, October 2012
•www.Projekt30.com> Juried into the “September 2012” show

•www.Projekt30.com> Juried into “The Voyeur and the Scopophobe” show,    August 2012
•www.ProjeKt30.com> Juried into the “August 2012” show
•“FETE: A solo show celebrating “My Facebook Artists” Documentary Series produced by Carlos Valentin, Director of The Uncanny Works.  Michael Mut Gallery, NYC, July 2012
•Juried Exhibit: “Rockland Center for the Arts, Benefitting VCS Gay Pride Rockland”, West Nyack, NY, June 2012
•www.Projekt30.com> Juried into the “June 2012” show
•www.Projekt30.com> Juried into the “May 2012” show
•www.ProjeKt30.com> Juried into the “WHITE” show, April 2012
•www.ProjeKt30.com> Juried into the ‘April 2012” show
•“Groundbreaking: Factory” Figment: Safe Harbor Studio, SOHO NYC, April 2012
•“Metamorphosis”, Clearview Cinema, Chelsea, NYC, April 2012
•”Uncensored: Queer Art and the Church”, Leslie-Lohman Gallery, NYC,                                 March/April 2012
•www.ProjeKt30.com> Juried into the “March 2012” show
•www.ProjeKt30.com> Juried into “The Sex Issue~ Volume 7” show, February 2012
•www.ProjeKt30.com> Juried into the “February 2012” show
•www.ProjeKt30.com> Juried into the “January 2012” show
•www.ProjeKt30.com> Juried into the “December 2011” show
•www.ProjeKt30.com > Juried into the “Melancholy: at the Bottom of Everything…Forever “ show, December 2011 
•“Visions”, Clearview Cinema, Chelsea, NYC, December 2011
•“Street Art Showcase”, artwork projected on public buildings throughout
•Toronto, Canada, September 2011
•Lundbeck Research USA, Inc., Paramus, NJ, solo exhibit, August 2011
•“Art & Music”, Alpha Fusion, Chelsea, NYC, solo exhibit, June/July 2011
•“Union Show” 9 West 20th Street Gallery, Chelsea, NYC, March 2011
•Bergen Community College, NJ, solo exhibit, January/February 2011
•“The Odyssey Within” Agora Gallery, Chelsea, NYC, December 2010
•“Enchanted” Saddle River Cultural Center, NJ, August 2009
•Bergen Community College, NJ, May/June 2009
•“4 Seasons” Nanuet Library, NY, December 2008  
•Fine Arts Work Center, Provincetown, MA, June 2008
•Newark Museum, NJ, Four-person invitational printmaking exhibition, 1981
•Printmaking Council of NJ, on-going exhibits throughout 1975-1982



William Paterson University, Wayne, NJ
•BA - Art Education 1975
•MA - Visual Arts/Printmaking 1979



*New Jersey Teacher Association, in conjunction with The Fine Arts Work Center, Provincetown, MA, June 2008, painting 

*Transformamtions Gallery, Metuchen NJ, to repurpose a historic door to be permanently displayed on their grounds/Art in Public Spaces, Theme: "DOORS"

* Metuchen Downtown Alliance, to assemble and paint an Adirondack Chair created from wooden palettes with a  theme depicting cultural diversity.



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*"Mascular Magazine", Issue #20/Spring 2017.
Theme: PARTY

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*"Macular Magazine", Issue #25/Winter 2019. Theme: MOTION

* Featured Artist, www.See.Me.com/  "S/HE Persisted"

January/ February 2020

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* Tri City News, Oyster Point Article, February 2021

*  "OUT IN NJ" magazine, Winter 2022, "The Zen of Colors" an article/ interview by Alina Oswald, NYC.    https://outinjersey.net/the-zen-of-colors/?fbclid=IwAR21UKGOllV-AgyFPMzjbjzuUmBJm84fXkDKkGcpYprwPE34J5NjNWF41q4   

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* "A and U MAG", Article by Alina Oswald, ~ What Is Intersectionality~ Gallery, Summer 2022

* "ArtistCloseup" Magazine, December 2023, Issue #13



Donated Works

* "Bondage & Bandaids”
Donated to: Trinity Place Shelter
Event: "Light Up Their Night", an evening to Benefit NYC's Homeless LGBTQ Youth. Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, NYC 2012

* “Hope…Healing…Optimism…” 
Donated to: to GMHC and A.R.E.A. Silent Auction. Elmo’s, NYC 2011

* “Undefined Conduits”, 
Donated to: To GLAAD OUT AUCTION, Silent Auction. Metropolitan Pavilion, NYC 2011

* “Just Before the Storm”
Donated to: Hackensack Blue and Gold Scholarship Foundation
Event: A Taste of Hackensack, May, 2013

* AIDS Service Center NYC, Invitational Exhibit/Fundraiser 
Unmask AIDS Gala, NYC, October 28, 2013

* “Cruising” 
Donated to:  “Boxed In”~ an art auction supporting Autism Healing, Awareness and Service Dogs. 2013

* “AIDSMASK NYC”, ASCNYC, “Positive Change” mask event 2014

*Two Mini-Paintings...benefitting a fundraising drive for VCS Inc. of Rockland County, NY~ a family service agency with an anti-racist, social justice mission. 2014

* Two Mini-Paintings… “Art for ALD Project”, proceeds going to the Aidan Jack Seeger Foundation…a 501 (C), (3) organization. 2014

* “Recline & Reflect” Donated to: "Team Friends In Deed", benefitting GMHC, AIDS WALK NYC 2014 

 * “When Two Worlds Collide”...Donated to silent auction benefitting: The Fire Island Pines Foundation, NY July 2016

* “Alphabet Series A #20”, Donated to the Alzheimer’s Association of Georgia, September 2016

* “Postcards from the Edge” benefitting AIDS NYC, December 2016

* "Flow", Farm to Tray, A Sustainable Food Event benefitting Holy Apostles Food Kitchen , NYC, May 2017

* "Lavender Dot"  Donated to "Roar, at Central Park Zoo", NYC, benefitting: Callen-Lorde Community Health Center, NYC, May, 2017

*  Montclair New Art Gallery/ Postcards! December, 2017

*  Painted Denim Jacket, benefitting The Bluefield Artist Group, "DENIM Art Show", Volition Gallery, Orangeburg, NY, April 2018

* "The Grass is Always Greener", Farm to Tray, A Sustainable Food Event benefitting Holy Apostles Food Kitchen, NYC, May 2018

* Painted Shoes a donation to, "Walk in Our Shoes" a fundraiser for PFLAG, Outside In Gallery, Piermont, NY, September 2019

* "X Marks the Spot", Farm to Tray, a Sustainable Food Event benefitting Holy Apostles Food Kitchen, NYC, May 2019

* "Wintr Solstice", benefitting the family of a fallen Rockland County, NY Police Officer. May 2019

* Inside Small ART Postcard Exchange, Rockland county, NY, May 2020

* "More Vinegar, Please" to (ACOR), Arts Council of Rockland , Online Auction during Covid-19, Pandemic Quarantine

* "HEALTHCAREANGELS" to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, Hamilton, NJ / Barnabas Health

*  4 Hours Painting demo for " WE VS C" Cancer Fundraiser @ RWJ /Barnabas Hospital, Hamilton, NJ

*  "STORYTIME: Where Dreams Come True" to Johnson Library, Hackensack, NJ

*  "Awakening", to The Johnson Public Library fundraiser event.

*. "50 Shades of Gray", to The Johnson Public Library, NJ

* "It Escapes Me", Donated and Auctioned @ the Event, "WE vs. C" fundraiser for the Cancer Center of RWJUH, Hamilton, NJ, June 2022. New Owner: Christopher Giles, NJ

* "Isolated Flamenco Bird  #2"  Donated to PFLAG/ACOR Fundraiser, Pearl River Library, NY, Event: Future Drteams.

*  "Memorial Wings" to "Soaring Spirits" in celebration and memory Hal Parker.

*  " Alphabet Series H" to "FITP" Flagging in the Park Producers, San Francisco, CA

*  "JOY" to "Flagging in the Park" silent auction, July '23, San Francisco, CA, benefitting the National AIDS Memorial (NAM).

*  "Relinquished" to "Flagging in the Park" silent auction, July '23, San Francisco, CA, benefitting the National AIDS Memorial (NAM).


* “Facebook Artists”, Director: Carlos A.Valentin, The Uncanny Works

* You Tube: "Lisa and Michael Save the World". segment #8 , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVseDeZs3Vk